Technology for Teaching


The use of video in education has traditionally been used to reproduce traditional methods of teaching, such as a vodcast or lecture capture. However, video can be used not only to convey “knowledge”, but also to provide feedback, record multimedia “stories”, and evaluate skills among others.

Be aware that video may not be accessible by individuals with visual or hearing impairments and thus should ideally be accompanied by a transcript and close captioning.

iPad Apps

Explain Everything*

Explain Everything is an iPad app that allows users to create screencasts by importing PowerPoints, documents, images, videos, and even webpages to create engaging videos. An interactive whiteboard feature also allows individuals to draw diagrams and illustrations on-the-fly. Easy to use, Explain Everything produces an mp4 file that can be added to iBooks and Canvas.

Device Agnostic


TechSmith Fuse is an iPad app within which you can choose to import an existing photo or video, or capture something new using the app’s built-in camera. Once recorded, the video can be sent to Camtasia Relay to be published or Camtasia for editing and publishing. The app is easy to use and there is no limit on video length.

Device Agnostic

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is an app developed by Tech Smith (the same company that developed Camtasia Relay, Camtasia Studio, and SnagIt). This app allows the user to record and then annotate/analyze the video using on screen mark-up and voice narration in both standard and slow motion. It is easy to use so with a little practice you will be analyzing video and sharing it with your students and peers in no time.

Device Agnostic (mobile)


Educreations is essentially a whiteboard app for iPad that allows the user to record video tutorials. Educreations is provides limited features but is easy. Educreations requires the videos to be published to the Educreations website.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is an iPad app that allows users to easily create animated videos. The app provides a selection of icons to use, background music, and a number of templates to help the user get started.

Learning Management System Tools

Canvas Media Tool*

Canvas, Geisel’s Learning Management System, affords all users with the opportunity to record audio using the media comment tool available from within the Rich Text Editor. This tool can be used to add audio to course pages, discussions, assignment feedback and even quizzes.

Software Applications (Free)

Camtasia Relay*

Camtasia Relay is an easy to use screen capture tool available to Geisel faculty. This tool allows users to capture a screen recording as well as the audio for that recording. This recording can be trimmed at the beginning and end before uploading it to Dartmouth owned servers. The audio and the video can be provided to the users as separate files.


iMovie is both a software application for Mac and an iPad app. It can be downloaded from the Apple website or the App Store and used to generate videos using images and slides. Note: The export formats for iMovie are varied and include standard .mp4 which will play on multiple devices.

Windows MovieMaker

Windows Movie Maker is an application that runs on PCs running Windows 8. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website and used to generate videos using images and slides. Note: The export formats for Windows Movie Maker are proprietary to Windows and do not run on iPads.


Screenr is a web-based screen recording program that allows users to create short, 5 minute videos. The videos reside on the Screenr web servers and can be shared from there. Note: This application uses Java and may not reliably work on a Mac.

Software Applications (Fee)


Camtasia (Mac) and Camtasia Studio (PC) allow users to create, edit, and produce video from a variety of sources including screencast, PowerPoint, and built from scratch with images, movie clips, etc. The product is easy to use and provides a variety of advanced editing options at an affordable price. Check with the Dartmouth Computer Store for educational pricing.


The following are a list of references about the use of video in teaching and learning.

*Tools that appear with an asterisk on the pages are commonly used at the Geisel School of Medicine. Contact the Geisel Information Technology office if you would like more information about any of the tools within this guide.