Building Canvas Courses

The URL for Canvas at Dartmouth is You will be prompted to log in with your Dartmouth credentials.

The goal of this series of tutorials is to provide Faculty, Course Directors, Course Directors, and Staff with just in time access to the resources necessary to build a course in Canvas. This site contains six steps for designing a course site in Canvas, plus an Advanced section for those individuals who like to push envelope. You know who you are!!

The six steps are:

It is recommended that you review the steps in order. Each step contains additional content available by clicking on the above listed links to the additional content or the button at the bottom this page to navigate to Step 1.

NOTE: You may not need to review all of the steps to complete your course design.

If the course site is primarily going to be used to deliver content, you would only need to cover Steps 1 – 3 and then skip to Step 6.

If the course site will be used for collecting assignments, delivering quizzes, and/or collaborative activities, you would need to cover Steps 1 – 6.


If this site does not provide you with the information you need or you’d really prefer to sit down and work through the course site setup with a real person, feel free to contact Geisel Instructional Technology to setup a personalized session.