Advaced Features Canvas Course Design

Managing Course Settings

There are a variety of tools and settings that an Instructor can access from Settings. When viewing the Settings page, there are two primary areas of action: Center page and Sidebar.

Center Page

In the center of the page are four tabs:

  • Course Details – This tab allows Instructors to set course start and end dates as well as a variety of student permissions within the course.
  • Sections – This tab allows Instructors to create and mange students in Sections. Example: Clerkship 6.1, 6.2, Anatomy SG Section 1, Anatomy SG Section 2, etc
  • Navigation – This tab allows instructors to show, hide, and rearrange navigation links for the course.
  • Apps – This tab allows instructors to add a variety of 3rd party tools, called LTIs or Apps, to a course.


The Sidebar provides instructors with access to:

  • Student View – This feature provides Instructors with a view of the course from the student perspective without needing to login with a separate username/password.
  • Course Statistics – This feature provides instructors with general summaries for recent activity within the course.
  • Course Calendar – This link opens the course calendar. Right click (control + click) on the link to Open in a New Tab.
  • Course Action Options
    • Conclude Course (Not Recommended)
    • Permanently Delete this Course (Avoid at All Costs)
    • Copy this Course
    • Import Content into this Course
    • Export Course Content
    • Reset Course Content (Not Recommended)
  • Current Users Summary

To learn more about Course Settings:

  • view the specific links in Center Page and Sidebar above
  • view Course Settings Overview Video on this page
  • read the Course Settings Tutorials listed on this page

Course Settings Tutorials

Please contact the Geisel Instructional Technology Staff for questions about these tools.