Technology for Teaching

Spaced Learning

Spaced learning is a learning practice that reinforces student learning and long term memory retrieval of a concept by repeated exposure to that concept over a period of time. The intervals between repetitions and methods of repetition vary depending on the content and the overall goals.


Anki allows users to create flashcards for drill and practice study. The flashcards supports images, audio, video, and scientific notation.

Device Agnostic


Cerego is an adaptive learning technology platform based on principles of neuroscience and cognitive science to help people learn faster and remember longer. Cerego supports anytime learning accessible via laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Flashcards Deluxe

Flashcards Deluxe is an easy to use, yet powerful flashcard app which you can use to study just about anything you want. You can create your own decks, use an existing deck that someone has already made, or you can search Quizlet’s huge library from within the app. This app also has its own smaller “Shared Library” which you can search and download from.

Device Agnostic


Quizlet allows users to create flashcards, tests, and study games that make learning fun and engaging for students. Quizlet works online or via the Quizlet app. Anyone can create and share Quizlet interactions free. Just create an account.

Device Agnostic


Qstream is widely used by some of the world’s top medical centers and healthcare leaders to educate clinicians on a range of topics, including patient safety, infection control, emergency medicine, palliative care and advanced life support. Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention.

Device Agnostic


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