Technology for Teaching

Interactive Multimedia

Interactive multimedia is often used to develop learning objects that can be used for independent learning or in conjunction with a class session. Such learning objects can include but are not limited to interactive video with integrated practice activities, multimedia scenarios, application simulations, virtual flashcards among others.

Be aware that interactive multimedia products may not be accessible by individuals with visual or hearing impairments and thus should ideally be accompanied by a transcript and close captioning.


Anki allows users to create flashcards for drill and practice study. The flashcards supports images, audio, video, and scientific notation.

Device Agnostic


Articulate Storyline allows users to build highly interactive online learning modules for delivery in Flash, HTML5 and iOS.


Camtasia (Mac) and Camtasia Studio (PC) allow users to create, edit, and produce video from a variety of sources including screencast, PowerPoint, and built from scratch with images, movie clips, etc. The product is easy to use and provides a variety of advanced editing options at an affordable price. Check with the Dartmouth Computer Store for educational pricing.


Adobe Captivate is a learning module development tool that can be used to author software demonstrations, simulations, and randomized quizzes in Flash and HTML 5 format. It can also be used for screencasts, podcasts, and the conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for consumption on the web, CDs, and iBook, or a course management system.


Keynote is a slide show presentation program developed by Apple.


PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. Geisel supports Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac, PC, and the iPad.


Qstream is widely used by some of the world’s top medical centers and healthcare leaders to educate clinicians on a range of topics, including patient safety, infection control, emergency medicine, palliative care and advanced life support. Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention.

Device Agnostic


Quizlet allows users to create flashcards, tests, and study games that make learning fun and engaging for students. Quizlet works online or via the Quizlet app. Anyone can create and share Quizlet interactions free. Just create an account.

Device Agnostic


The following are a list of references about the use of interactive multimedia in teaching and learning.

*Tools that appear with an asterisk on the pages are commonly used at the Geisel School of Medicine.