Technology for Teaching


An eBook is an electronic version of a text that can be read on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A big advantage of eBooks is that they are portable. eBooks are also fairly easy to design and can include interactives, multimedia and links to external resources.

Adobe Acrobat Pro*

Adobe Acrobat Pro allows users to convert multiple file types into one format that is easy to distribute to others. PDF files can include multimedia, interactives, and links to external resources.

iBook Author*

iBooks Author is an app by Apple that allows anyone to create iBooks for iPad and Mac. Books created in iBooks Author can be accessed using the iBooks app on a Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone.

Bookry Widgets Bookry creates Widgets that can be added to iBooks. These Widgets expand the number of interactive elements that can be added to an iBook.

Microsoft Word*

While not exactly an eBook, Microsoft Word can be used to create title pages, table of contents, and chapters which can then be converted to PDF or imported into iBooks.


The following are a list of references about the use of iBooks/eBooks in teaching and learning.

*Tools that appear with an asterisk are commonly used at the Geisel School of Medicine.