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Making Announcements

Announcements are used to communicate course logistics to the class. Once an Announcement is created, Canvas will notify students according to their preferred Notification Preferences.

By default, Announcements in Canvas allow students to reply/comment. If you do not wish students to comment on Announcements, it will be necessary to disable comments within Course settings.

To learn more about Announcements, feel free to view the Announcement Overview Video and the Announcement Tutorials on this page.

Announcement Tutorials

Canvas Course Design


Ready, Set, Go!

Congratulations! If you have reached Step 6, that means the course is built and  almost ready to be Published so it is visible to the students.

Before Publishing the course, please make sure the following tasks have been accomplished:

Publish Course

To publish the course:

  1. Go to the Course Home Page.
  2. Click [Publish] located to the far right of the page.

Once the course has been published, the following tasks may be of use as well:

To learn more about Publishing and Running a course in Canvas, feel free to view the tasks linked above as well as the Publish the Course tutorial below.

Course building steps

Click on the buttons below to access information on building courses in Canvas.