Technology for Teaching

Time Management

Time management is probably one of the most difficult tasks to master when implementing active learning strategies in the classroom. While not specifically an instructional tool or technique, good time management is necessary for the active learning classroom to run smoothly. This page lists a few apps that can be used to assist instructors and students with managing engagement during class time.

Alinof Timer (Mac)

Alinof Timer is a very easy to use timer for your Mac. Just set the desired time using the mouse scroll and press «start».
Once the time elapsed, a message with a sound alarm will be displayed on the screen.

Clock app

Clock (the app) is installed on all iPhones and iPads. Featuring various functions, it has an easy to use Timer as well as a Stopwatch function.

Free Timer (Windows)

Free Timer is a simple, easy to use timer for PC users.

Online Timer

Online Timer is a browser based countdown timer.


Timer+ is an iPad/iPhone app that lets you set multiple timers at once! Time by the second, minute or hour.


The following are a list of references about managing interactive class sessions in teaching and learning.