Adaptive Release Canvas Course Design

Setting Discussion Availability

When creating Discussions, it is possible to set the date and time availability of a forum. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be possible to make discussions available to different sections at different dates/times either from within the Discussions area or in Sections.

For workarounds, see the Module is Complete When section within the instructions outlining Modules: Controlling Content Availability via Modules noted below this section.

To Set Discussion Availability:

  1. Click Discussions in the course menu.
  2. Click on the Discussion you wish to edit.
    Note: If you have not yet created a Discussion, click [+ Discussion] then jump to step 4 below.
  3. Click [Edit] located at the top right.
  4. At the bottom of the page, set the Available From date.
  5. If applicable, set the Available Until date.
  6. Click [Save].