Canvas Course Design

Page Design Model

In the Pages section of the course, it is possible to create a page for each area of content covered in the course. These pages can contain text, embedded media, and links to files and other course tools.


  • Pages are a flexible and visually appealing way to present content (text, files, and media) to students.
  • The Text Editor makes it easy to add and format content within the pages.
  • Students can preview and download files directly from within the page.
  • Pages can link out to the assessment and communication tools within Canvas.


  • Pages are organized alphabetically.
    Note: To present pages sequentially add a number to the beginning of the page name. (Example: 0 – Syllabus/Course Info; 1 – Topics for Quiz 1; etc)
  • Page release can be controlled only by manually hiding or showing them.
    Note: Files linked to within a page can be released by setting lock/unlock dates within the Files area at either the folder or the file level.

Pages Overview

Pages Tutorials

These tutorials cover Page management. For information about building Pages to deliver content to students within the course, proceed to Step 3: Add Content.