Canvas Course Design

Manage Conversations

Similar to email, Conversations is also sometimes called “Messages” or the “Inbox”. Conversations compiles all messages sent throughout Canvas and it is the only communications tool in Canvas that instructors can use to send direct, private messages to users in a course. 

Conversations can be accessed from the Inbox link in the Help Center menu at the top right of the Canvas page.

The default Notifications Setting is for Conversation messages to be sent via email. Messages received via email can be replied to either

  • from Blitz by selecting Reply
  • from within Canvas, by selecting the URL link in the email and logging into Canvas

Important: If the Conversation Message Notification is turned off, it will be necessary to log in to Canvas to view messages sent by students via Conversations as these messages will not be sent via email. 

To learn more about Conversations, feel free to view the Communications Tutorials listed below.

Conversation Tutorials