Canvas Course Design

Files Design Model

In the Files section of the course, it is possible to create a folder for each area of content covered in the course to which files can be added.


  • Files can be organized by folders.
  • Files can include .pdf, .doc, .ppt, etc as well as uploaded media and images.
  • Students can download files en bulk from Files.
  • Setting lock/unlock dates at either the folder or the file level can control file availability.


  • Assessment and communication tools cannot be linked to from within Files, thus other Canvas tools/menu items would need to be available in the course menu
  • In general, using folders within Files is
    • a good practice for content organization
    • not a good, stand-alone, design model

The example in the image below is based on the Year 1 and 2 organization schema of Topics for Quiz.

Files Overview

Files Tutorials

These tutorials cover Files management. For information about delivering files to students within the course, proceed to Step 3: Add Content.