Canvas Course Design

About Groups

With the Groups feature in Canvas, instructors can organize the students into groups so they can work together on group projects and assignments: a paper, a presentation, etc. A Canvas group will provide students with a collaborative workspace where they can work in that small group to share files, hold video conferences, or work on group assignments created within the course.

Within Groups, instructors can:

  • Create a new group set and create subgroups automatically or manually
  • Assign students to subgroups automatically or manually
  • Allow students to sign up for their own groups
  • Expand and collapse subgroups
  • Move students into different subgroups
  • Create group collaborations
  • View all activity within all the groups within a course
  • View all created groups within the course
  • Edit or delete group sets

To learn more about groups, feel free to watch the Groups Management Video and the Groups Tutorials listed below.

Group Assessment Tutorials

More Group Tutorials


For questions about how these features might be implemented into a course design/course activities, please contact Geisel Instructional Technology Staff to schedule a one-on-one session to discuss these tools.