Canvas Course Design

About Conferences

Canvas has integrated a web conferencing tool called Big Blue Button to extend the learning environment to the virtual space enabling synchronous (real-time) online meetings. Conferences allows users to

  • broadcast live audio and video
  • demo applications on your desktop
  • share presentation slides
  • demo any online resources

Conferences have a number of potential uses for both traditional face-to-face as well as distributed learning situations. Some possible use cases include virtual:

  • lectures
  • office hours
  • student group meetings
  • study groups

Students can even create their own conferences if they have:

  • Access to the Conferences menu item within a course
  • Have been placed within Groups
    The Conferences tool is a standard tool available to Student Groups in Canvas.

To learn more about Conferences in Canvas, feel free to view the Conferences Overview Video and the Conference Tutorials on this page.

Conference Tutorials


For questions about how these features might be implemented into a course design/course activities, please contact Geisel Instructional Technology Staff to schedule a one-on-one session to discuss these tools.